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Troubleshooting for your Pool

Cloudy Water?

⦁ Check your chemicals:
⦁  PH especially; high pH is one of the main causes of cloudy water. Maintain your Chlorine Residual.
⦁ Check Circulation:
⦁ Make sure the returns are pointed down and at the opposite wall.
⦁ Check your skimmer basket; make sure it is clean from all debris.
⦁ Make sure the pump is in good running order.
⦁ Check Filtration:
⦁ Make sure filters are clean, check pressure gauges for high PSI.
⦁ Check the sand in Sand Filters, Clean filter elements on Cartridge Filters and clean grids on D.E filters.

Chlorine Smell?

⦁ Usually a result of high total Chlorine. Shock/Super Chlorinate.
⦁ Chlorine is too high let it burn off; keep the solar cover off. You can also use a chemical that will neutralize the Chlorine.

Green or Brownish Water?

⦁ Algae- You’ll need to over chlorinate your water, call your dealer.
⦁ Metals- You’ll need a Metal Remover or Stain and Scale.
⦁ Do you have a heater? If your chemicals are not balanced correctly they can pull the copper out of your pool heater.

Loss of Suction?

⦁ Check for a clogged vacuum hose; use a garden hose to washout debris.
⦁ Check hose for pinholes.
⦁ Make sure all baskets are clean of debris.