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Swim Spas

Aquatic Fitness Systems

Dimension One Spas features Aquatic Fitness Systems, the ultimate in swim spas. These full underwater spas have a wide range of exercises from freestyle to butterfly and backstroke. Just like their spa counterparts, they are fully insulated and energy efficient! Aquatic Fitness Systems features the Duratex shell, the world’s most durable shell. They come with the tether system and the Hydrosport Fitness gear can be added. There are four swim spas to choose from:

  • AquaFit 19 DT: 228”LX90”WX52”H
  • AquaPro: 228”LX90.25”WX62”H
  • AquaFit 16: 192”LX90.25”WX52”H
  • AquaFit Sport: 156”LX91”WX52”H